Repost It Pro for Instagram App Reviews

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Good repost and regram app

I really liked the app,very good app!

Positive feedback

Great app.

It does not work

The new way does not work. I copy the url from the instagram photo, i go back to the repost-app and than it closed!

Great app

I love this app. Quick and easy to use. It was better before Instagram changed their API rules but thats not the fault of these developers.

Best app for reposting!

Trying to screenshot and repost something is terrible because you lose picture quality. But with this app I can easily repost a picture and keep the quality of the photo, and most importantly giving credit where credit is due! Whats even cooler is the ability to repost other videos, which is impossible without the app. Two thumbs up in my opinion

Easy to use / Love the platform

Couldnt be happier with this app !

The update did not work for my phone

This was a great app, but since Instagram stopped it from viewing my feed, the update doesnt work.


I like this one better than some others because I can also repost the caption. BUT I have paid version and get pop up adds to buy their other apps. Not cool. Hoping that goes away with new update...


Got the update and now all I see are error messages. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon.

Fix it!!!!

Stopped working! Fix it please

Great app

This app is easy to use and allows me to repost.

Doesnt work anymore. At all.

Was a five star app a few days ago. Now I give it 0. :(

Too bad this isnt working

Is another sign of Fb trying to rule the world?


It seems Instagram blocked this app from working so do i get a refund or whats going to happen

Wonderful app

I love this app is help me to do my job for repost pics from Instagram..thanks

Great Acc

This account is amazing. I really enjoy making edits with the quick quality and having cool and fun edits!!

Love it!

Easy to use, straightforward. Love that all of my "likes" are in one place. Kudos!

Easy to use

Great app! Love the edits and reposting feature.

Am i the only one this isnt working for?

Ive used it since it first came out. These last couple updates are rendering the app inoperable. Hope it gets fixed.

What did u do?

The app was good until this last update. It keeps crashing and I have to log out and log in to use it. As of right now I cant get back in. Ive even rebooted my phone twice

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