Repost It Pro for Instagram App Anmeldelser

What happened ?!

Been working fine for years now all I get is an error message. Let the refunds begin.......


It still does not for for me

Great App

Used it for years.

Repost It GREAT APP🔥✌🏿😎

Repostit dah ish! We manage and publish a digital magazine or DIGIZINE..We constantly repost articles from partner sites and artist. Works great and we love using it..No issues and very dependable!

Please fix it

I used to love this app, now it won't work. Whenever I try to repost, it says the link isn't valid. I can't use it at all.

Can’t repost videos!!!!

Just paid and downloaded the app. But like any other Tehran app. Can’t make the video reposted because every time I tried it only gave me a still image. Ugh!!!!!



Stops working - total bust

I’ve downloaded this app 3 times now + paid the $ for pro and each time it stopped working after a few day giving me a “URL invalid” warning when trying to repost. I’ve tried everything to get it to work again. Maddening.

Remove tag

Every time I try to remove the tag it tells me to upgrade. But I’ve already paid for the upgrade. It’s really annoying

Bought app a week ago now it's doesn't work at all !!!!

Bought app a week ago now it's doesn't work at all !!!! Just keeps loading !!

Do not buy this

Had this for a year but now it keeps losing the links and can not store any of he photos I shave to repost later. Terrible app! Save your money, buy a different one.

Quality App

This app is great and it does exactly as you think it would do. The only reason I’m rating it 4 stars is because the quality reduction. When you repost a video it loses quality and a good amount. Other than that it’s a Quality App!

Cannot repost carousel videos

This app is advertised as reposting carousel videos but it only posts the first video.

Don’t do it!

I actually like the function of this app. In fact, I actually like the app. The only problem is that every 2 month’s or so, it freezes. And there’s nothing you can do about it except delete and repurchase. Ive purchased it 3 times in the past year. It just froze again on me today, and now I’m done!!! I’m beginning to feel like it’s a scam. Ridiculous!!!!

Not reposting

Downloading pro version. Now when I tap the 3 dots the only option I have is turn on notifications! Hoping I’m just doing it wrong because I was enjoying this app.

Works well

Everything works well. I wish I could repost multi picture posts though.


Super easy to use... great quality!.

Useless and a ripoff!

Stupid thing doesn't actually save the pic just the caption under it. Totally useless and a ripoff! I want a refund you thieves!

Crashes Every Time

This app won’t work at all now. Every time I copy a link and go back into this app just crashes, which is super annoying since I paid for it. I may have to just bite the bullet and pay for another reposting app that actually works.

Buyer beware

Videos DO NOT repost, customer service nonexistent. Use caution if you buy an app from these people. You may have to fight to get your $2.99 back!

This app is really bad in a waste of my money

it’s just frozen and I don’t see the recent videos no updates just want to take my money don’t buy it

Repost Rocks!

This makes posting and supporting my events and other events I’m interested in super easy! I have seen any glitches as of yet and that’s why I say repost rocks!

Caption won’t repost

I’m not sure what the issue may be. It worked for one post. It hasn’t worked since. It’s important that I get the caption from original post. 😔 and I paid for this.

It’s not consistent

I’m paying for this app but it doesn’t work most of the time!!!

Not very well made

It does what I need it to but the app is pretty terrible. Crashes a lot and it just recently stopped working completely so I had to delete it and reinstall and there is not restore purchase options so I had to buy it again...


This app simply Rocks!

It doesn’t work anymore

Help me it doesn’t repost anymore

Love it

Easy Breezy


This app is awesome!!

Good app

Works perfectly after I rebooted my phone.

Repost Pro for Instagram

I like this app, but every now and then (maybe when an update is needed) it starts freezing and I cannot repost. I have to shut my phone down - like I’m rebooting - and start over again. It very frustrating. 🤨

Bye Felicia [@Repost App]

A worthy alternative to the hacked Repost App by Red Cactus. This app is easy to use, no twitches so far, and functions in a familiar manner. 👍🏼 My only caveat is to upgrade to rid the app of the annoying ads.

Needs update for iPhone X

Before I upgraded to the iPhone X this app was perfect for quickly reposting. Now I am unable to use the app because the “Next” button is located at the top of the screen where my signal and battery are located. I can’t press the button to finish a post. I am sure that once it is updated, I will be back to reposting. Until then, I am searching for a better option.

Not compatible with iPhone X

Hi I love this app and have been using this app since a long time and I just changed my phone to an iPhone X and this is not compatible with the new phone. Please update the app please. Thanks

Does NOT WORK with iPhone X

This was a good app until iPhone updated their software. This doesn’t work with an iPhone X. I’ve sent MANY messages to the company but they never reply. Don’t waste your time or money, there are other apps that do work correctly. Their latest update did NOT solve the issue with iPhone X users....

Doesn’t work with iPhone X

I have used this app for a long time but switched to an iPhone X and now when it switches back to Instagram from repost it (I have the pro version) you can move to “next” after the photo loads, the app unfortunately is not updated to work with iPhone X

Not A Paid Spokesman

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great Value 🔥 No Ads 💥 Videos 🎬 Photos 📸 Can remove tag label from showing on reposting Do it Be professional ⏰ @shotonbothsides Instagram

Can’t repost with iPhone X

Won’t let me repost with iPhone X due to the notch. Updates haven’t fixed this issue.

Reposting made simple!

Easy Peezey Lemon Squeezey !

I’m having a problem...

In all, it’s a great app. I can repost things with or without the extra watermark and I can put it in any corner. But for some reason, most of the links just aren’t working. It’ll tell me something’s wrong with the link, but nothing is. Or it will tell me that there was an error loading, even when I have full WiFi. That needs to be fixed because I spent money on this app. There would be no point getting it and deleting it. It would just be a waste of money. Thank you for reading.

Love it.

Love the way I can move origin banner from side to side. Only wish the free app merged with paid app instead of 2 different ones.



Love it

Best app out

Absolutely In Love

Easy to use, I love sharing that's what makes the world have more love in it.

Great great app

Great app ... Easy to use, fast reliable and intuitive. What more can you ask for. This is an amazing app. I think it is one of the best utility apps I have used. TC

Love it!

Easy to use, great features and so fun!

Repost it

Fabulous app 5 stars 🌟

Worth the $ Upgrade

Pay the money, the upgrade is worth it. Great IG app!

Repost App

Great for sharing videos and the option to pay to remove others tags is awesome 😌

Don't know how to use it

Please before you buy first learn how to use it

See it and repost it

So far it's been a real easy app to use. Had the free version at first only upgraded to get rid of the advertisements. Gave 4 stars because only had the app for 3 days. Will update in a few months.

Excellent App

Excellent easy app for all your repostings . The best one there is

Awesome App

Very user friendly and super easy to use. All the steps take almost no time.

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